Dentistry: This service is provided on Saturdays by Dr. Rudy Ledesma. He comes from the city of Portachuelo, where patients are treated based on the availability of materials and equipment.

Ophthalmology: This service is provided twice a month by Dr. Martinez.

General Medicine: Patients from different communities are treated by Dr. Carlos Vargas and Dr. Alejandro Guerrero as well as medical students, residents and attendings from Loyola, Northwestern, and other institutions when they are there.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy is run by Sra. Elizabeth Rosado. She distributes prescription medications ordered by the physicians to all patients. Some of these medications are donated from the U.S. and others are purchased in Santa Cruz.

Laboratory: Laboratory services are provided by Dr. Marvin Flores and technician Jaqueline Sandoval. The laboratory performs basic chemistry And hematology tests well as some specialized tests based on the availability of equipment, including HgbA1c and microalbumin

Specialties: Different specialty areas are addressed thanks to the help of volunteer medical specialists who come from the United States every year.

Surgery Campaign: For one week in November every year, a team of volunteer surgeons from Indiana, USA, visit to perform surgeries. Patients are prepared approximately two months before the surgeries.

Nursing: Guindalina Vallejos is in charge of the Aux. Enf. She works with the entire medical team from Wednesday to Saturday.

Deworming campaigns: Deworming campaigns are completed in schools in the communities surrounding Centro Medico to reach the largest possible number of children.

Care Communities: Medical services are provided in remote communities with limited access to the medical center, with the help of American doctors and medical students who volunteer during their summer vacation.