3D Printing at the Clinic

3DCastFormer Coordinator and current blog writer Michael Molitch-Hou featured the clinic and the potetntial applications for 3D Printing at the Clinic:

"Since I ran my family’s medical clinic, Centro Medico Humberto Parra, in 2007, my life has taken a very strange journey. I had no idea that I’d end up writing about 3D printing as I do today. I was so absorbed, working with the patients, staff and volunteers of our free, medical clinic, that it was hard to think about the world outside of that Bolivian rainforest. I didn’t know 3D printing existed in 2007, even though it had been around since the 80’s. In fact, I didn’t know too much about anything outside of our bubble. Now, though, I’ve been covering 3D printing news for a little over a year and I’m seeing all of these ways that the technology could be used at Centro Medico and clinics like it."

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