First Aid Training

redcrossIn 2003, in conjunction with Dave Sears' Emergency Medicine Program, US volunteer Becky Laks developed a first aid training for local community members, most of whom had never been taught how to respond to medical emergencies. Since most of Centro Medico's communities are situated in semi-isolated, rural areas somewhat far from Centro Medico or other healthcare facilities, it was critical that locals learn how to handle emergency situations.
Becky delivered the training, which consisted of two 4-hour sessions, to 6 Centro Medico communities. The training covered everything from keeping wounds clean to treating 1st and 2nd degree burns to more urgent situations such as snake bites, preventing shock, making a make-shift cast and doing CPR.

Community members were given first aid manuals to homes to share with family members.
Two weeks after the trainings were held, a local man was bit by a poisonous snake. He survived the incident, in no small part due to the help he received from a neighbor who had attended the first aid training.