Patient Marcella

CancerMarcella, a 17 year girl from the nearby town of Buena Vista, came to Centro Medico in March 2006 with a scarf carefully draped around her neck. The scarf concealed a large mass in her neck. As the mass continued to grow, she noticed a decrease in energy and shortness of breath on minimal exertion. When her CBC was checked, she was profoundly anemic with a hemoglobin of 4 g/dl. 

All the available volunteers at Centro Medico, including a young German man who was just looking for a place to stay for the night, immediately donated much needed blood to Marcella. Centro Medico staff arranged for a biopsy. It turned out Marcella had stage IV Hodgkin's disease. She underwent 6 months of chemotherapy.
All evidence of Marcella's Hodgkin's disease is now gone and oncologists are optimistic that she has been cured. Marcella is now feeling much better and has returned to school after a 3-year absence due to her illness. Centro Medico and the Daniels Hamant Foundation are happy to help another patient story regain health and well-being. 

Total Medical Bill: $8000
Sponsered by: Centro Medico
Patient Cost: $0