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Surgical Campaigns and the Jager Family Foundation

For seven years, the Jager Family Foundation organized a surgical campaigns to help the CMHP provide elective surgeries for their patients.  When Lisa Jager Villarroel was coordinator, she saw that her family could fill a void that the clinic had.  The Daniels Hamant Foundation was spending money on elective surgeries that her family had provided during their charitable missions to other countries.  Lisa and her Family's foundation run by her parents Pat and Rama Jager, came down and scouted the local hospitals finding Hospital San Jose Obrero who help provide the ORs and post-op care needed for each campaign.  The foundation hired one of our other former coordinators Lavinia Sintean who helped organize these campaigns. 

Last year, 33 surgeries were performed including cholecystectomies, hernia repairs, hysterectomies and for the first time transurethral prostate resections.  On a sad note, 2014 marked the last year the Jager Family Foundation was involved with the surgical compaigns.  The Surgical Campaigns have seemlessly transitioned to the Bolivida Surgical Foundation.  Their first trip is Nov 2015!

We would like to thank the Jager Family Foundation for the tremendous service they have provided.  It has taken discipline, skill and organization to operate safely in Bolivia and the Jagers provided us the security that we never had to worry.  They formed a partnership with the Bolivian hospital that has led to a better equipped hospital and better trained physicians that provides greater care to our patients year round.  Our appreciation is immeasurable.

We are excited to start this new chapter with Dr. Jon Jansen and continue to work with Amy Peterson-Mills who organized the 2014 campaign who will take the reigns from the Jagers to continue to serve our patients with great care.