Alejandro Guerrero, M.D. - Staff Physician

GuerreroMy name is Alejandro Guerrero. I was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I studied in both Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. I have been a doctor for about 8 years and I have worked in Palacios since the year 2005. Since 2005, I have also work in the Hospital Nicolas Ortiz in Portachuelo and Clinica Vidal in the city of Montero. I enjoy the work in Palacios as we work together as a team with the North American Volunteers who day to day bring their support and experience. They are more than coworkers, they are great friends and a big family.

I think that everyone who comes to clinic to get medical attention deserves our full effort and they leave comforted by the work we have done. We know this is true when we see a smile at the alleviation of their problems and the bettering of their quality of life. The time is short to achieve the objectives that a person strives for, but its never too late to try to achieve your goals.  Taking this into account, I try to follow the road that god as placed before me to continue my daily work and achieve happiness.