Teresa (Mumi) Oliva Arauz - House Mom

MumiI’m Teresa (Mumi) Oliva Arauz. I was born and raised in Palacios. I went to Santa Cruz when I was 13 to work and study. When I was 17, I returned to Palacios and married Pepe. Now I have 8 kids and I pass them the best I can – all of my children have finished high school and now they are studying and working to become professionals.

In 2001 I was working as the president of the school and met Dr. Douglas when we were dancing at the inauguration for the clinic. In January 2002 I met Maria Cespedes and started to work as a volunteer preparing lunch for the doctors and cleaning the clinic. 3 years later, I was employed by the clinic 4 days a week. In 2002, with Maria, we organized the first group of patients from the community of Palacios and I am the president of the group. Now I work cooking lunch for the volunteers and the doctors and I do the cleaning of the whole house and clinic. From 2003-2005 I was elected the mayor of Palacios. In December 2013, I will receive my high school diploma and plan to continue to study cooking. I am very interested in healthy cooking and I enjoy making healthy and delicious meals for everyone.